Working for us


Great care & support workers are the backbone of our industry.


We’ve all experienced bad management in the past and so we’ve set up a care company that aims to treat and support people properly.


If you’re a care/support worker, some of the things below will be important to you – if you pay for care or work in the commissioning of care, they’re even more important:


  • We recognise that without good staff – there isn’t a company


  • We pay staff as much as we can (within budgets) and reward people for excellent service


  • We treat people as equals and work as a team


  • Our staff choose whether they want a full-time contract or a zero hours contract (and by the way…we don’t insist that you can ONLY work for us)


  • We promote professionalism and work hard to support the staff. We listen to what you have to say


  • We review our policies and training regime to make sure they’re what we need as a team



To provide an excellent service to our clients, we need excellent staff…..We will only have excellent staff if we believe in them, value them, develop them and treat them as excellent staff.